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Welcome to my managed forex accounts review site.

Date 20th April 2014

I have conducted several managed forex accounts reviews about accounts that I have personally invested in over the last few years and I wanted to start a page that is dedicated to the one that I feel is the best one that I have had.

At the moment, the only one that I am investing in is Solidary Markets FX.

Below is the Realtime chart for the Lighthouse Tiger Account

Solidary markets works like this. They have four individual accounts. Each of these can be invested in on an individual basis. They all have a different trading strategy and produce varying results. Alternatively, they can be combined into a "Blender Account" to spread and mnimise any risk.

The min recommended amount of LightHouse Tiger is $2,000. And the minimums are depending on the portfolio but in general the less recommended is $1,000 for Cugat and the other ones require higher amounts.

When I first started with this company, I had an email from someone that worked there. He had seen that I am doing reviews and wanted me to do a review on his account, the “Silver Portfolio”. It was producing stunning results at the time that were verified by myfxbook, an online analytical tool.

I made a blog post showing a typical example of how to set up a managed account which you may find useful. Check it out here.

For some reason, the trader lost interest in trading and left the company and left my account with a floating drawdown, a drawdown that I still have on my account. It means that the trades are still open but are in deficit. They can come back into profit so it’s not really a problem. All accounts go into a floating drawdown, it’s just the size of it that can be a problem.

Anyway, because of the trader leaving, they closed the “Silver” Portfolio and the boss at the company advised me to transfer my funds into one of their combined portfolios. There are two of them, the “SMFX Blender Portfolio” and the “Total Trading Portfolio”. These accounts are a mixture of the Four individual accounts except the SMFX Blender Portfolio is slightly lower risk than the “Total Trading Portfolio”.

This combination of strategies is a far safer way to invest in a managed forex fund because it spreads the risk. If one portfolio goes into drawdown, the others portfolios will ensure that nothing serious happens.

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Since my funds were moved across into the Blender Portfolio, whilst my floating drawdowns are still there, the profits have been about 20% in about 7 weeks without the floating drawdowns. They mostly trade very small lots of .01 which means that profits and losses will never be big. There are hundreds of trades slowly building up the account value, rather than several large trades that can really damage the account.

I wasn’t going to invest in any more accounts for a while but the low minimum account opening amount was 1,000 Euros and I felt I had to check it out. This is a fantastic amount because it allows traders to test the waters without too much investment. Most other managed forex accounts require $10,000 dollars to start up.

My managed forex account review - in summary.

To me, a service that safeguards the investors money is the top priority. Honesty and reliablity are more important than the potential profits that you can make.

Solidary Markets are for the trader, not for themselves. They really care about the investor. I know this because I unfairly had a go at them because I was unhappy with the drawdown I was suffering and I really upset them. They are a family and have a close working environment and they were very upset that I was unhappy.

They offered me a solution which blew me away. I can’t go into detail but I had never come across this type of personal service before. I trust them completely.

The profits with their combined accounts are very good. 20% in 7 weeks is very good, and the fact that that is made from low risk trades makes me feel very comfortable indeed.

I am staying with Solidary Markets because I believe they are safe, reliable, attentive and they care about me as an investor.

I am keeping an up-to-date performance chart about my results with Solidary Markets which you can check out here if you wish - My Results.