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Compare Forex Managed Accounts Reviews

Welcome to my forex managed accounts review site. If you want to find out more about forex managed accounts in general, you can check out – acorn2oak-fx managed forex accounts.

I wanted to do a review site because nobody else was really doing it. I have invested in several but none have really set the world alight. Some have been awful, to say the least. You can read more about them on this site on various pages. It’s very difficult to make a list of forex managed account providers because they come and go very quickly. There are not many that stand the test of time. That’s why a minimum of a 2 year independent audit is recommended.

Date 14th October 2017

Forex managed accounts come and go. There are a few reasons why some are better than others. Maybe they generate great returns, maybe they are regulated or maybe they have been reliable for a long time.

Every once in a while, one or two companies really stand out from the rest. At the current time, there is one company, or two, whichever way you want to look at it. That is because they have one branch regulated in the UK under FCA regulations, and one branch in Australia, under ASIC regulations.

The reason this company stands outs from the crowd is for all the reasons mentioned above. It has a third party 3 year independently audited account performance report. I have never seen this before. 2 years is the most I have ever seen prior to this.

Secondly, as I said previously, they are regulated in two countries. I know in Australia there are quite a few regulated accounts but in the UK, you will struggle to find any, apart from this company.

Thirdly, and definitely not lastly, over the last 3 years, they have made their clients over 800% profit, and this is after the performance fee is deducted.800% Compounded Profits

I am sure these factors will make you sit up and take notice. If they have, you can find out more about them on this site. For the Australian regulated company, click here. For the UK regulated company, click here.

Date 17th December 2015


Wealthified Statements

Click on the percentage to see the statements

Month 2014 2015 2016
January 47%1%-29%
February 16%31%7%
March 73%-9%5%
April -18%107%-2%
May -9%-12%16%
June 5%1%-8%
July 73%-15%13%
August 4%37%-9%
September -31%5%
October 38%18%
November 48%30%
December 6%48%


Apart from the great returns, their account has some super added benefits.

Visit Wealthified

First of all is the low minimum of $5,000 US dollars starting capital required. The majority of other managed funds need at least $10,000 US dollars.

Next is the performance fee. Other funds charge between 25% to 50%. This trader is only asking for 15% performance fee, (I can see this going up to 25% very soon), plus a nominal $50 per million dollars traded.

The broker is Dukascopy Bank SA, (one of the finest brokers around), where you will need to open an account. Dukascopy Bank SA
Route de Pre-Bois 20, ICC, Entrance H,1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland.

Your deposit is also protected by the Swiss government up to CHF 100.000



Accounts That I Am Currently Investing In

Company Visit Site Read Review Overall Rating Comments


Accounts That I Am Considering

Company Visit Site Read Review Comments
Visit WealthifiedVisit Wealthified


Accounts That I Am Not Investing In

Company Reason
Solidary Markets I invested with this account but failed to produce any profits. Disappointed because they are a decent company and trustworthy.
Thefxhelpers Thefxhelpers are a very reliable, trustworthy company. I am no longer investing with them because I wanted higher returns on my investment.
Vista FX Invested in Vista FX but they lost 98% of my money. They took a gamble and lost. Keep away from.
Deltafins-invest Never got back to me when I asked if they were registered.
Forex Atom 2% management fee on deposit. Don't want to pay up front. Not registered.
PrivateFX Lack of transparency. They replied but avoided my question if they were registered.

New UK FCA Regulated Account

You may want to check out this account that has only just opened up in the UK. The great thing about this account is that it is fully FCA compliant in the UK.

The other unique factor that you may carefully consider is that YOU can set the amount, up to 80%, that you want to risk. So, if you only are prepared to lose 20% of your capital, then you can do so.

Anyway, have a look at this review page because it goes into more detail about the account.

Compare Forex Managed Accounts Reviews
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Compare Forex Managed Accounts Reviews
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