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Acorn2oak-FX was set up to explore various forex investment opportunities to take advantage of the massive profit creating potential that exists within the foreign currency exchange market.

Currently, I am investing in managed forex accounts and have more recently acquired a forex trading course so that I can trade for myself. I am also going to trade binary options in the future, so it with these three financial investments that I will look at on this site.

Managed Forex Accounts

Visit WealthifiedThe first investment opportunity is managed forex accounts. They are trading accounts that are set up in your name so you have total control over them but the trades are performed by professional traders. The beauty of these accounts is that you don’t have to sit in front of a screen all day waiting for trading opportunities. They can produce fantastic returns on investment. The account managers deduct a performance fee from the profits as their payment.

If you want to find out more about this investment opportunity, please visit our managed forex accounts page.

Trading Forex For Yourself

The next investment opportunity is about trading forex for yourself. Doing this can produce profits that are incredible. This isn’t trying to put you off, the opposite in fact, but 95% of traders lose money. The reason is that they don’t learn how to trade. They jump in and expect to make consistent profits.


Complete Currency TraderYou will find that the 5% of traders that are successful will be well educated in trading. They will have learned from other professional traders or will have trained with a top quality forex trading course. Trading does involve a lot of work and time to develop a trading mindset, but the rewards are out of this world.

If you want to find out more about forex trading career opportunities by learning to trade for yourself with the forex trading course that I am using, please visit Complete Currency Trader Review.

Trading Binary Options

/imagesbancdebinary/bancdebinarybanners.gifBinary options are another investment opportunity to benefit from trading forex and other assets. Investors love trading this type of opportunity because they are extremely simple to understand and equally easy to trade. Basically, the investor has to forecast whether the price of the asset that they are interested in will move up in value or drop down in value. The investor really has to make a choice, yes or no, whether they think an agreed, identified event will occur.
To find out more about this investment opportunity, please visit my binary options page.

What Is Forex ?

If you have ever been to another country, it is likely that you have had to change your money for the currency of the other country. When you sell your currency and buy the currency of the other country, it is basically taking part in the foreign exchange market.

For example, you sell your dollars and you purchase pounds. Say you had bought 1000 dollars of pounds and got 620 pounds, and for some reason you didn’t spend any of it. When returning home, you swap your pounds back to dollars and you end up with 1020 dollars in your hands. The dollar versus sterling exchange rate had changed while you were away and you end up making 20 dollars. This is how people make money in the forex market, by buying and selling currencies.

The forex market, sometimes known as foreign exchange, fx and currency exchange, is huge. Every single trading day, over 5 trillion (5,000,000,000,000) dollars is exchanged. If you compare that against what is traded at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) daily, 33 billion (33,000,000,000) dollars, it puts it into perspective.

Forex is about 150 times as big!!.

The stock and futures markets are run through a centralized exchange that is controlled by just one dedicated body that regulates the price of the stocks. The price can be influenced by the specialist body to suit themselves.

The currency exchange market however, does not have one single physical location and is known as a decentralized market. Because it has no central location, there is a variation in quotes from one dealer to another because there is no single price. There is so much competitiveness amongst dealers because the fx market is so massive, that you can seek out the top deals the majority of the time.

Click here to discover how, with a managed forex account, you can access and take advantage of the forex market, by reaping some of the huge amounts of money that is available to anyone, without having to trade for yourself.

Who Trades Forex ?

The majority of trading in the foreign exchange market is carried out by big corporations and businesses such as banks and financial institutions. They account for almost two thirds of the trading.

Most trading is carried out by banks in the interbank market. They trade instantaneously either directly between one another or through two major corporations, Reuters and EBS. These corporations are in a continuous struggle to grab the majority of the market from the banks. They both tender most currency pairs and with both companies, certain currency pairs are more liquid than others, so they both have advantages.

Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs), businesses and hedge funds are also big players. The rates that these organizations are subject to are marginally higher than those of the banks because they have to carry out their trades with commercial banks rather than the interbank market.

Lastly, retail traders, (individuals), make up the rest of the trading groups. Since the arrival of high speed internet and retail brokerages, all hurdles have been taken away and now everybody can play a part and attempt to grab their part of the money mountain.

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