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Compare Forex Managed Accounts – UK Forex Fund Management

UK Forex Managed Accounts UK

UK forex managed accounts for UK citizens are not only possible but they are plentiful, although not many of them are regulated. We are fortunate over here in the UK because we can open up accounts. Citizens of the US cannot because of the Dodd-Frank Act which stops offshore brokers from accepting US citizens, although some do, somehow.

Most forex managed accounts not only accept UK citizens, in fact, many rely on them. Most other countries, particularly Dubai, United Arab Emirates, invest heavily in them too.

For more information of this alternative investment, please visit Discover Forex Managed Accounts – The Only Guide You Need.

But why would anyone, UK or otherwise invest their hard earned money in a managed account?

• Firstly, a lot of money can be made, and in a short amount of time. Investors are infuriated by most other investments because they yield poor returns. In the United Kingdom, traditional investments such as savings accounts, mutual funds, bonds, annuities etc, yield limited profits but you won’t get rich any time quickly. A managed forex account with a high yield can make you anything from 2% to 20% or more per month with a starting capital of £5,000 typically.

• Secondly, a big reason why these alternative investments are so popular today is that they are managed. The majority of individuals don’t have the time or desire to study and acquire all the essentials and trade with high concentration and care, on a persistent basis. Professional UK traders do all the hard work so the investor doesn’t have to.

• Thirdly, management of risk is a top priority for fund managers. Accounts should have a drawdown limit which prevents the loss of too much money. Also some accounts have stops on individual trades. Good traders will have a winning percentage of trades of 70% or more.

• Liquidity is another important deliberation. Money isn’t tied up for any set length of time. Property for example means your capital is tied up in it until you sell it. If you put in a withdrawal request from your managed account, in as little as a day, probably two, you can have a little, or all of your account balance transferred into your personal bank account.

There are many reasons why UK investors find managed forex accounts so appealing. I like the fact that with as little as £5,000 starting capital, it can be turned into almost one million dollars in 6 years. See the spreadsheet below to see what I mean.

10,000 Compounded For 7 Years

In Australia, managed forex accounts are otherwise known as managed discretionary accounts. They are slightly different in that discretionary accounts also include other asset classes and not only forex.

Below are some providers that supply UK managed forex accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Forex Managed Accounts?

Forex managed accounts are foreign currency trading accounts that are traded by professional traders and are administered by a management company on behalf of the investor. The management company charge performance fees and sometimes an administration fee for their services. The client issues the forex broker with an LPOA (Limited Power Of Attorney) to allow the trader to carry out trading. The client has complete control of their account and can deposit and withdraw funds, and close the account when they wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that potential investors want to ask before starting a managed forex account. I have listed below the most common questions that are asked. Most of them are generic, which means that they apply to the majority of managed forex companies. There are many more applicable questions that apply to individual companies that I cannot answer here so you will have to check out the FAQ’s on their particular sites.

What Are Performance Fees ?

Performance fees are one way in which managed forex companies make their money. Fees vary with different companies, the majority of them falling somewhere between 25% and 50%.

When Are performance Fees Applied ?

Performance fees will be implemented at the end of every month, as long as there are profits on your account that exceed the high water mark.

What Is A High Water Mark ?

high water mark is the maximum amount of money created after performance fees are deducted from the account. The high water mark has to be exceeded before any future profits may again be deducted.

For Example – If you opened an account with $10,000 and the performance fees were 25%.

If your profits during the next month were 10%, that would be $1,000 profit for the month.

Deduct performance fees of 25%, which is $250, leaving you $750 net profit for the month.

Your high water mark would be $10,750, which is the original $10,000 plus the net monthly profit of $750.

If you had a loss the next month of $500, no performance fees would be deducted and your new balance would be $10,250.

Only when your account balance surpasses your high water mark of $10,750, will performance fees be deducted and a new high water mark will be created.

What Is A Management Fee ?

management fee is different to performance fees. Some management fees are a one-time start-up fee that investors have to pay upon opening the account. Some management fees are annual and have to be paid every year.

What Is The Minimum Amount That I Can Invest ?

As a general rule, most companies want a minimum amount of $10,000 to open an account. Some will accept $5,000 and some want much more.

Who Owns The Account ?

The investor owns and controls the account.

Can I Deposit Further Funds Whenever I Want ?


How Can I Deposit Funds Into My Account ?

To deposit funds, you will have to go to your brokerage account and follow the instructions.

Can I Withdraw Funds Whenever I Want ?

Yes, as long as all of the trades are closed.

How Can I Withdraw Funds From My Account ?

To withdraw your funds, you will have to download a withdrawal form from the brokerage. You will have specify how and where you want the money sent to, sign the form and return it to the brokers.

Are There Any Fees To Withdraw My Funds ?


Can I Close My Account When I Wish ?

Yes, as long as all of the trades are closed.

Does The Trader Have Access To My Funds ?

No because the funds are in your name at the brokerage. Only you can withdraw, deposit and close the account. The only limited access the trader has to your account is through a LPOA (Limited Power Of Attorney). This enables the trader to trade your account and also allows them to withdraw the agreed performance fee.

What Is Leverage ?

Leverage, (gearing) in the UK, is the degree to which an investor can take advantage of borrowed money. With a small amount of money, an investor can control a lot of money. Leverage varies between brokers from 100:1 even up to 500:1.

For Example – If you opened an account with $10,000 and leverage was 100:1. You have the power to trade $1,000,000 of currency. You only have to put down 1% of the total transaction amount.

You can make a huge amount of money with leverage, BUT, you can lose all your money in no time at all.

What Is LPOA (Limited Power Of Attorney) ?

LPOA or (Limited Power Of Attorney), is a form that the investor signs that permits the trader to perform certain account actions, such as to trade the funds for the investor and take out performance fees. They cannot withdraw other money or carry out any other primary functions.

Is The Limited Power Of Attorney Permanent ?

No, the Limited Power Of Attorney is not permanent. You can rescind it at any time.

Can I See My Account In Action ?

Yes, you will receive a link from your forex account manager to download the trading platform onto your computer. Most brokerages use the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) platform. You will receive your log in details so that you can see your account history, download account history and see current trades in operation.

What Are The Benefits Of A Managed Forex Account ?

Click here to discover the benefits.

How Can I Carry Out Good Due Diligence ?

Click here to find out how to undertake good due diligence.

Will I Need To Sit In Front Of My Computer All Day ?

No, all the work is carried out by the management team.

When Will I Start To Make Money ?

As soon as you have opened up an account and your deposited funds have cleared, then the traders can start trading.

Do My Funds Compound Automatically ?

Yes, your profits will be added to your account balance and be used in any future trades.

Can I Place My Own Trades In My Managed Account ?

No, only the trader can trade your account by virtue of the LPOA or (Limited Power Of Attorney) that you have given them.

Do I Have To Open Up An Account With A Broker ?

Yes. In order for the account manager to make trades on your behalf, you will have to open up a brokerage account.
Martin Loader

Compare Forex Managed Accounts - UK Forex Fund Management
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