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Visit WealthifiedSo you want to know the best way to invest 10,000 dollars, euros, pounds or whatever currency!

There are dozens of ways to invest $10,000 dollars. The vast majority of them are the more traditional methods that will make you between 2% to 5%. Safe but not very good returns. Of course these returns vary due to how the economy and other external forces are doing.

However, this website is particularly about forex or the foreign currency market. The potential to make huge amounts of money in this marketplace is phenomenal.

The first way to invest $10,000 dollars is with a managed forex account. Check out our ultimate lowdown here.

With this investment, a professional trader does all of the work for you. Investors are using this type of alternative investment to make a fortune and yet the vast majority of people haven’t even heard of its existence.

The other way is to trade the forex market for yourself. However, to do this, you need a top forex course to educate yourself before stepping in. Once again, rather than me repeating myself, you can go to this page to discover more. Complete Currency Trader and Forex Trading Course

The fx market is the largest financial market in the world by far. Every day, in excess of $5,000,000,000,000 that’s FIVE TRILLION dollars is traded. When you consider that the New York stock exchange trades $45,000,000,000 (forty five billion dollars) daily, then you realise just how big it is.

One of the best things about a managed fund, apart from being a way to invest into the massive foreign currency market reserves, is the fact that they are…… run by someone else. This means that the investor will not have to learn the ins and outs of foreign exchange, which can take months, years…. In fact, traders never stop learning and refining their strategies. On top of all of the knowledge and mental attitude that you have to acquire to become a successful trader, most traders spend many, many hours glued to their terminal, scrutinizing charts, analysing and waiting for signals that will signal the start of their next trade.

10,000 dollars could be turned into over 1 million dollars in just over 6 years. See illustration below. This is based on a 10% monthly profit and performance fees are 35%.

Click on the image to go to the compound calculator and enter your own figures.


10,000 Compounded For 7 Years
10,000 Compounded For 7 Years

Your own due diligence must be performed on any fund that you want to invest your $10,000 dollars in. You can find out the due diligence that I perform here

Many accounts will produce returns of 10% per month but they vary wildly. Some funds that require in excess of $1,000,000 dollars to open, can produce returns of hundreds of percent. These accounts can normally only be opened by someone if they are invited to join. The fees that the managers charge vary between 25% to 50% typically. It is in the interest of the traders to make as much money for the investor as possible because that means that they make more money for themselves.

Check out how my accounts are performing here

The best way to invest $10,000 dollars possibly? Sure beats investing in a deposit account!

Investors, individuals and corporates actually open their own accounts with the brokerage that the traders use. This means that the fund is in the investor’s own name and cannot be accessed by the trader, apart from being able to place the trades and deduct their performance fees. To be able to place trades and deduct fees, they will have been issued a limited power of attorney (LPOA) by the investor. Funds can be withdrawn without charge, and further funds can be added when the investor desires.

Once you have opened and funded your account, you will be able to download the trading platform, normally MT4, onto your computer. This will enable you to check your account at any time. You will see all of the trades that have taken place. You can download the trades onto your computer.

Investors that are looking to find best way to invest 10,000 dollars should take a look at a managed fx account. It is an ideal instrument to accumulate wealth because of the effect of compounding of profits that start to climb rapidly the longer that profits are left in the account. Retired folk, pensioners and people that need a regular income will find it a great investment since funds can be taken out as a part of their regular cash flow. The priority of traders is to look after depositor’s wealth so an administered fx fund is also a very safe investment for they are regulated and audited carefully and investors have control over their accounts.

Martin Loader