LH Forex Signals by Laszlo Hun

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LH Forex Signals by Laszlo Hun

I have never got involved with forex signals before as I invest in managed forex accounts usually. I want to diversify and try different ways to benefit from the forex market and I am always looking for new opportunities.

I came across this package, LH Forex Signals, from a guy called Laszlo Hun. It only came out in the last week or so. Today is 12th June 2013. He says that he has been involved in the financial field since early 2004 but has been interested in finance since he was a kid. Now he is in research & development concentrating on automated and semi-automated trading algorithms.

Thefxhelpers +14.85% for June 2013
Thefxhelpers +9.18% for May 2013

Laszlo goes on to say that he has developed trading and analysis methods and developed branded algorithm and divergence tools, through his years as a trader.

I have no reason to disbelieve him that he knows what he is talking about. So, the latest of his products, LH Forex Signals, is out.

I haven’t purchased it yet as I am waiting for some real results from real users, not just people who say they have bought it and are doing great with it. These people are just promoting the product but I want real results so that I might by it and do a review of it on this website.

If anyone does have real results I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

In the mean time, take a look around my website to see if you are interested in learning about managed forex accounts, another way into the lucrative forex market.

Martin Loader

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12 Jun, 2012 Martin

LH Forex Signals by Laszlo Hun