Review of Jackson Capital – Forex managed Accounts

Ok I first had a look at a forum talking about jackson capital and although a little negative, nothing I could really throw my hands up in the air to, except some mention of being registered in Texas so I had better check that out. Although there is a little town in Queensland called Texas so being an Australian company, this is a possibility. As with all my research and reviews I like to look at their regulatory authority and contact details first. There was as it happens a cut and paste of their Corporate Authorized Representative details on this forum showing that jackson capital is a Corporate Authorized Representative (CAR) of Alpha Equities and Futures Ltd which holds and Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).

I would consider this a good start, so my next move is to see about their contact details. I always feel that little bit more secure knowing that if I am unable to contact them or get replies by telephone and email that I would like to be able to turn up at their office to find out what’s what! It is all looking good, I am happy to report that the address and map of Melbourne clearly shows where jackson capital is located and all the other details are in order. I also like the fact that their twitter account is current with the most recent news and events and they have 271 followers.

I like to read about the traders, trading strategy or strategies. Some companies offer one strategy for each account. Others offer two or more strategies trading on the one account. Here is what Jackson capital say “Systematic and largely automated with protective fundamental analysis override”.

It is quite unusual to see client reviews featured on the website, including one from the director of alpha equities. It is comforting that the reviews go by his first name, a nice touch as it Richard Jackson they are talking about from jackson capital. Also the performance results are available, with an indication of being audited by alpha equities, and third party verification via FXBlue, showing results since 2012.

Regulated or not?

The regulated authority numbers and disclaimers are all over the jackson capital website and as I have mentioned in other reviews, if it is not jumping out at you then it is likely there is none. Even though a company may be regulated or licensed they may not always be credible, but I would prefer to invest with a regulated company once I have chosen who will manage my forex account.

This one is based in Melbourne, Australia and has all the things I consider important for my search. They take clients from all over the world including the United Kingdom. I will put them on my shortlist but I feel convinced that I will find a UK company who has everything I am looking for but with regulatory authority from the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


I couldn’t find any recent reviews on alpha equities or alpha broking. The information I gleaned back on the forum mentioned 10k minimum investment and high fees. The consensus seems to be though that the returns are unrealistic. I couldn’t find the minimum investment on the jackson capital website. Regarding fees, no entry or exit fees and remuneration is according to performance. This is something I will have to enquire about. I am going to give Jackson capital a score of 3 out of 5.

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