Review of drashta capital – Forex managed accounts

I have been doing my research on drashta capital and yes I am certainly impressed with them. I am looking for the right forex managed account provider for me and I share my reviews because I go to quite a lot of effort in the initial stages trying to gather as much information as I can before I put a company on my shortlist. I prefer to make my initial judgement based on the information from their websites before I contact them because I do not like to give my contact details out too freely. Of course everyone is going to do their own research but I find it a great help to hear other opinions.

I rarely find reviews or testimonials on the individual websites so I think that is a good sign if the clients are happy to put their face and name to a testimonial. I haven’t found any with drashta capital but often you can request a link to see their client testimonials. It is odd that I feel impressed considering I haven’t found some of the information I generally look for. I cannot see their minimum investment or the performance fee they charge, or their performance results.

I cannot find information regarding their traders, and I had to read a piece twice before I realised they were “on the lookout for leading money manager with a track records demonstrating consistent profitability and impeccable risk management to join our team and further increase the strength of our investment offering”. So this doesn’t state that this is what they have, as there is no introduction to any of the drashta capital team, but it gives the impression that this relates to the qualities of their traders.

Investment Strategies

When looking at their investment strategies, risk management is at the core of their operations and they say “the synergy of non-correlated strategies produces more consistent returns than any single strategy” so they are using more than one strategy and they have what they call the ‘drashta score’ to determine which strategies they are going to use.

I found that they have an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) which is provided from the regulatory body Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) which is very important to me as it shows credibility and accountability, and they are there for the long-term. Drashta was founded in 2011 and has been registered in Australia since 2012 with an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Another consideration for my search is this; are they easily contactable? Something I like to find on a company website is their address and local phone number. I see drashta capital has a map to where their office is located in Sydney and the telephone number is local to that area. Of course until I actually contact them I have no idea of their response rate.

Other interesting pieces of information they offered are these “The word drashta originating from Sanskrit, means ‘self-awareness’ and is also translated as the ‘observer’ or ‘seer’. Drashta represents the ability to look upon the world objectively, without an emotional bias. As one of our guiding principles, its virtue is reflected in our ability to source, thoroughly analyse then decisively act upon high potential investment opportunities aligned with our values”

Along these lines I discovered a page regarding Impact investing about which they say this “Impact investments seek to deliver a measurable social and environmental benefit in addition to financial returns” and “our philosophy is that impact and returns can go hand-in-hand, creating an ideal blend without forgoing financial growth”

They have had ‘learning experiences’ with a range of managed account providers and traders and offer a 20minuite guide to managed accounts saying “the purpose of this guide is to steer you through the world of managed accounts without having to experience the ups and downs, and in doing so minimising the risk in your investments”.

Review Score

As with my other reviews I will give a score out of 5 and I feel all in all, I will score drashta capital 3 out of 5. Certainly one of the best I have found. But don’t take my word for it as I novice researcher looking into the best managed forex account provider for me. Enter your details at the top of the page and request a comparison from Acorn 2 Oak. They have been around this industry for a long time and can offer expert advice and help you to choose the best forex managed account provider to suit your requirements.