Managed Account Case Study With Updated Results

Case Study Managed AccountsWhat if you could watch someone else invest their money into a managed account and see how they get on before you consider investing your own money.

If you could observe how they do their due diligence, sign up, deposit funds and ultimately see how their account progresses over time to give you confidence for you to invest.

Well, I am going to go through that process and going to share all of my experiences with you, good or bad, in this case study.


A Little History

Hi. My name is Martin Loader and I started Acorn2oak-fx in October 2012. My aim was to review the various forex managed accounts that I had invested in. I was going to put the profits from one account, into another account, and so on, until I had built up a large portfolio of accounts.

People such as yourselves, future investors, could monitor how the accounts were performing and possibly invest for yourself, or see me fail miserably.

It didn’t work out as I had hoped because two accounts tanked, one was continually dropping slowly and one was stable but not making me any profits, so I put a halt to my objectives.


I have decided to invest in another managed account, and I am going to do it in front of the world. I am going to write all about my experiences as I go through the due diligence, the signing up process, adding my funds and hopefully watching as my account grows over time.

I would love it if you would follow my progress through my journey.

With my previous investments with managed accounts, there are several stages that I went through. Basically, they are –

1. Check What’s On Offer
2. Conduct Due Diligence
3. Sign Up
4. Add Funds
5. Download The Trading Platform
6. Track Performance

Which Account

The decision has been made to invest into an account, but which one?

Well, the obvious choice would be a provider that I have featured on this site. From the emails that I have been receiving from people interested in managed accounts, is a company that is gaining a lot of traction, Quantic.

So I am going to check out Quantic to see what it offers.

For more detailed information on what to look out for and due diligence, please check out my in-depth guide.

Quantic has 5 different strategies – Tiger, Lion, Tirthas 1, Tirthas 3 and Tirthas 5.

Every person will have a unique risk profile, so if you are not accustomed to investing, you may want to choose an account that is right for you.

My risk profile is medium as I have invested in four managed accounts and I understand the risks and can manage them ok.

* The following performance is from 2018. The profits vary quite a lot from 8% with Tirthas 1 to 135% with Tiger.
* Performance fees are 30%.
* Minimum investment is £5,000 for all accounts apart from Tirthas 1, which needs 100,000 Euros to start.
* Maximum drawdown varies between 23% with Lion to 3.9% with Tirthas 1.
* There is a drawdown stop level that you can set at 70% of your investment level.

To be honest with you, these terms are pretty standard between managed account providers. They are typical.

I am happy with them so I will go a stage further. I am going to do my due diligence on the company.

Due Diligence


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