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Home – Binary Matrix Pro – IMPORTANT – READ THIS NOW FOLKS



OK FOLKS… Please Read This Now,

These are my thoughts right now. If Binary Matrix Pro can prove to me otherwise, (or anybody else come to think of it), they will stand until further notice.

We all know that I review products on the internet. That is my job.

I heard about Binary Matrix Pro through an email from somebody that I have promoted stuff with before. It sounded fantastic. I got caught up in all of the hype surrounding it.

I didn’t want to promote it to start off with and I abstained at first because I am so, so busy. Anyway, I kept on getting the emails so I thought that I would check out the product in depth. I thought “WOW”, this looks great. It has got all of this social proof and verification stuff. It must be for real.

So, I thought I would promote it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to test it out before I started promoting it.

Check out that review that I did before I had a chance to try it out by clicking here.

Anyway, I funded my live brokerage account and was set to go but I thought that I would set up another demo account with another broker first to test it out, JUST IN CASE !!!


Check out my results below. I did 74 trades over 2 days. That means at 80%, I should get about 60 winning trades, right ?

I GOT A MEASLY 35. That’s 47%

Unless I am doing something wrong, to me that is CRAP. I would have more luck tossing a coin.

I have twice tried the “Contact Rep” service, and what a surprise, no response. I emailed them, and… no reply. I have sent 2 more messages since with… no reply.


See Above Screenshot. My account signals credit started at $75, went up to $300, went down as I used them yesterday and today, the were back at $300.

Why ?

Because they don’t care about the signals credits. They could give you $1,000 dollars worth. They don’t care. They are not concerned about that.

Their strategy and business model is to get you to sign up at the brokerage, (THAT THEY CHOOSE). There is no reason why you can’t use any, apart from the fact that they get commission on you signing up, and the trades you make too.

They don’t care that the software doesn’t work. It was probably designed not to work, and that complex algorithm that they say powers the system, only serves to power the FAKE SOCIAL REPORTING.

I say it is fake because whether or not I won the trade, the outcome of the social reporting had no bearing on my trade. It was totally at random. CRAP.

Also, their Live Trading Account that they say is connected to is FAKE too.

I took all of the trades that were going from the signals, and there were extra trades on their Live Trading Account ??? Where the hell did they come from? Funnily enough, those trades that weren’t sent out as signals were winners ??? Thus pushing up the ratio up to 80%.

Bloody SCAM.

Plus that they say is a renowned verification service, the domain was set up at the start of January this year. Yeah Sure Highly Renowned and Well Established – NOT. It was set up within a couple of weeks of Binary Matrix Pro. VERY SUSPICIOUS.

They probably are one and the same scam.

The thing is, they don’t charge you to use the NON-WORKING software so it is hard to do anything about it. Its Free. However, they are getting referral fees and scamming people into signing up to THE BROKERS OF THEIR CHOICE.

You know what really aggravates me? It’s the fact that they build peoples dreams and hopes up, knowing that their stuff is just there to scam people. They sit down and plan it. It wastes so much time and effort from the likes of you and me.

On a personal note, I am pissed off that they have wasted a week of my valuable time promoting their shoddy product. Product reviewers have a bad name and I guess most of you think, good. You would be right too because 95% of reviewers don’t even buy the products they promote.

Anyway, I just wanted to be honest and share what I thought about this scam company. I hope it has helped you or stopped you from being conned.

To Recap ( Not in any order of significance )


  • Why won’t they respond to my email?
  • Why doesn’t the rep respond to my messages?
  • Why does the balance in my signal credit keep changing?
  • Why are some the trades on their live account IN ADDITION to the signals they send out (thus upping the % win rate)?
  • Why were set up at the same time as
  • Why am I only getting a 47% success rate?
  • Why did I have to sign up with a broker of their choice when any will do?
  • Why don’t they show you an example of what to do after the signal is triggered?
  • Why don’t they have a video of them actually putting on the trades in a live situation therefore proving the winning %?
  • Why is it that after I have a losing trade (or a winning trade) does the social reporting not agree with me 80% of the time? It’s totally random

If I am wrong and there is a problem with the software with teething troubles etc, I will apologise and eat humble pie for a while, until then……

Do you know the crazy thing here? If they had actually taken the time and effort to find a team of traders, they would take the market by storm and make an absolute FORTUNE, and not just relative crumbs that are getting from scamming people.

What a trick to miss!!

Can I kindly ask that if you have had some benefit from this report, would you click
on one of the social buttons at the top of this page and share with your friends and colleagues, etc. And if you would like to OCCASIONALLY receive updates on performance of my managed accounts and news of any new product that I try out, please fill out the form immediately below.


Many Thanks.

Written by Martin Loader


My Old Review

What is Binary Matrix Pro?

First Of All – What Are Binary Options – In A Nutshell?

Binary options are a way to make money by trading assets. They are very appealing to many investors because they are so easy to trade. They are simple because the investor basically has a choice to make, (yes or no), as to whether a specified thing will happen. In other words, you try to predict whether an asset such as currency or stock will go up or down in value in a set time frame.

The amount of money that you will make if your prediction is correct is displayed to you in advance of making the trade. If your prediction is incorrect, then you lose a set amount of money, so you know what you are playing with. It isn’t like trading forex that because of very high leverage, you can lose much more than you risk.

For example, you think that the price of the shares of Company XXX will rise above $50 on 15th of March at 12.00pm, and the Company XXX share price is $100 at the exact date and time, the option will automatically close out and you will get a the pre-determined amount of cash that was displayed to you before the trade.

For more info on binary options, you may want to visit –

So, What is Binary Matrix Pro?


BinaryMatrixPro is touted as being the premium cutting-edge, lucrative software for trading 1-minute binary options.

A highly innovative feature that I personally haven’t seen anywhere else before, is that the software has a facility that enables members to reveal their real-time trading results to other members of the BinaryMatrixPro community via the Social Performance Reporting panel.

Below are some of the leading features that the service comprises.

  • You will be provided with 1 minute binary option signals, over 7oo signals every day.
  • You will get a $75 dollar trading bonus without having to supply credit card details.
  • You can expect a higher than 81% winning trade performance. This is verified by an independent third party authenticity verification service.
  • Members who sign up prior to March 2014 will have free access to personal account representation. After March 2014 a charge will be incurred.
  • Members can get hold of their account representatives by phone. This is unique in the industry.
  • Members can share their trading performance with other members by means of a social reporting feature.
  • Retrieve a free 1 or 2 important SMS broadcasts per week subscription service.
  • Gain access to the trading platform from 3 options – a web version, a windows download and a Google Play Store application download.

Binary Matrix Pro have been BETA testing the entire trading system for 3 months with the employment of over 600 individual testers. The performance results of these BETA testers have been disclosed on the exclusive social reporting feature and the percentage of winners is over 80%.

Check out the Social Reporting Feature on the Video



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